>Solar Tracker FEiNA SF45s

Specifications SF45

-Mast that is inserted in the concrete. (Galvanised)
-Moving tube that rotates around the mast (Galvanised and painted)
-Sprocket Module 10, Diameter 1000mm, clockwise movement (steel of high resistance).
-Sprocket Module 10, Diameter 1000mm, inclination movement (steel of high resistance).
-Axle, diameter 200 mm, L=3,400 mm, structure inclination. (Galvanised).
-Two motor sets with their gears, their headless nuts and turn counter switch and protection box
(Galvanised and coated with zinc).
-Two crosswise bars of 7 metres for supporting the transversal bars (Galvanised)
-An electronic box with the connections for the motors and the micro contact breaker.

It is designed for withstanding winds of 140 km/h with 45 m2 of panel surface.



Once the date, hour, and location co-ordinates are entered into the screen, use the buttons to point
the tracker to the Sun. From this moment the tracker will start working.

Every X minutes (between 1 and 90, according to what has been programmed), it calculates the
position and moves the tracker if necessary. When the Sun sets meaning that the inclination of the
sun over the horizon is negative, the follower will turn to the East and place itself near the horizon
(approximately 80 degrees with regard to the vertical).

When the Sun rises, the tracker returns to its almost vertical position. From this moment on, it carries
out the normal daily movement.

All the trackers from a plant can be connected from a central control.





Anemometer GPS Manual of Network
Features Foundations Manual of Installation
Catalogue  CE Certificate

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