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Microinverter -EVT560

feinapdfCatalogue EVT300&560 feinapdfEVB202 Datasheet

Advantages installing micro-inverters

- They are hermetic: They are placed behind the panels and they do not bother at all nor take any interior space.

- Because from each panel already comes 220VAC, the cabling losses are lower.

- The cables should not be so thick, so there are some saving on cabling.

- It will be more easy wiring. Therefore, less time and money when installing.

- If a panel is a bit shaded, it will make less energy, but it will not affect to the other ones. That’s why the system will be more efficient.

- If a panel gives less energy because it is damaged, from the monitoring module we can know exactly wich is and change it.

- A damaged panel will not affect all the others.


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