Solar Tracker FEiNA SF45s

Specifications SF45 -Mast that is inserted in the concrete. (Galvanised) -Moving tube that rotates around the mast (Galvanised and painted) -Sprocket Module 10, Diameter 1000mm, clockwise movement (steel of high resistance). -Sprocket Module 10, Diameter 1000mm, inclination movement (steel of … ()


Micro inverters

Catalogue EVT300&560 EVB202 Datasheet Advantages installing micro-inverters – They are hermetic: They are placed behind the panels and they do not bother at all nor take any interior space. – Because from each panel already comes 220VAC, the cabling losses are … ()

Solar panel

Solar Panels

 AS-6P Module Specification 1956-992-40mm AS-6P30 Module Specification 1640-992-40mm Amerisolar Profile


Solar Tracker FEiNA SF70-1EH

The solar Tracker FEiNA SF70-1EH is an horizontal single axis that can be customized to fit any size photovoltaic panel or solar thermal module. The solar Tracker FEiNA SF70-1EH has a maximum sail area of up to 70 square meters, but the … ()


Solar Tracker FEiNA SF28

Specifications Solar Tracker FEiNA SF28 – Fixed part placed in a column from iron or concrete (Galvanised) – Moving tube that rotates around the mast (Galvanised) – Cogwheel Module 6, Diameter 1008 mm, clockwise movement . – Cogwheel Module 6, Diameter … ()


Solar Tracker FEiNA SF20

Specifications Solar Tracker FEiNA SF20- — Mast that is inserted in the concrete (Galvanized and zinc plated) – Mobile tube that rotates around the mast (Galvanized and zinc plated) – Cogwheel Module 6, Diameter 720 mm, clockwise movement (aluminium smelting). – … ()


Mini Solar Tracker SF04

                Specifications SF04 For isolated homes, for road and motorway traffic signals, for closed CCTV cameras on motorways and other places, for mobile phone antennae, for big photovoltaic central of one axis, for … ()


Bridle PV

  Manual of Bridle PV


Alarm SolAlarm